Juniorhandling Results of Maximilian und Lennart Zerweckh

International Show and LS Show in Offenburg

Lennart was very successfull. He raeached the 3rd place on satureday and the 5th place on sunday.

Unfortunately Maximilian wasn´t placed, althought he was just as well as Lennart.

69. International Show in Karlsruhe

Lennart reached the 5.place in Karlsruhe. Anna did a good job at her first participation.
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Anna1 Lennart1 Lennart2

Bundessieger Show in Dortmund 2013:
Maxi reched the 6th place in Dortmund with our standard wire Earl.

Landessiegerschau Juli 2013 in DWH:
Lennart reached the 2nd place with our Sissi..
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International Show in Offenburg:
Maximilian reached the 3rd place with Earl …

National Show Castrop-Rauxel 2013:
Maximilian reached the 4th place with our Wotan.
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National and International Show in Karlsruhe – Nov 2012:
Maximilian reached the 5th place on both days.

LS Show  Juli 2011 im DCN:

Maximilian reached the 1st place in the juniorhandling cometition with “Gianna” in age class 1 and Lennart reched the 1st place with “Lauser-Lennart” in age class 0.


CACIB-show Augsburg july 2011:

Ausstellung Ausstellung
Maximilian reached the wunderfull 3rd place in the Juniorhandling competition with “Evita”in age class 1

CACIB-Show Munic march 2011:


Maximilian reached the wunderful 4th place in the Juniorhandling competition with “Earl”in age class 1

April 2008: in Suhl/Thüringen


1st place for Maximilian, 3rd place for Lennart

Juniorhandlingseminar 2011 in Hauenstein


In Spring 2011 Maximilian and Lennart took part in the juniorhandlingmeeting. There they could learn a lot about the correct handling with a dog an how to present a dog at a show.

The meeting was guided by Katharina Püttmann.